10 processes en 65 metres

It required more than one year, a heavy financial investment and a specialist process engineering team to produce a PLC-controlled assembly line in 2012. It is a 65-metre long line incorporating ten consecutive processes:

  • Unwinding
  • Straightening
  • Measurement control
  • Cutting
  • Stacking
  • Profiling
  • Gluing
  • Assembly
  • Pressing
  • Packing

Assembly line production in one year

The production of just one year would be sufficient to fit out the interior of three giant trans-Atlantic cruise ships, immense boats that are over 300 metres long, with 2,000 cabins and 4,000 passengers in each ship.


giant trans-Atlantic cruise ships



metres long





The process, but also the product. Innovation in acoustics and material compositions

Investment and modernisation of the naval fitting-out sector as carried out by Panelship is going in two directions. The first, the productive process, has already been mentioned and the second is the actual quality innovation and final product official approval, developed with patents bearing the Panelship seal for the entire world market.

We have been able to produce and patent modular panels in three qualities that surpass those of the competition and which maintain a standardised quality thanks to the PLC-controlled production line.

With a ten day full production, we could build the Eiffel Tower

300 metres high, 7,000 tons of steel – 1,000 cubic metres- distributed in 18,000 parts and 2.5 million rivets. The Eiffel Tower built with “Clip 100” type panels would weigh 220 tons.


of steel

Metal Eiffel Tower

metres high


cubic metres

Eiffel Tower of panels

tons of “Clip 100” type panels

ship cabin
Panelship ship cabin
ship corridors
Panelship ship corridors

Lighter panels 

The first quality that makes our company’s panels unique is their weight. Our Innovation Department has worked for over one year with the manufacturer and we have been able to present a lighter type of rock wool than any of our competitors. This enables us to offer panel models to our clients that are 25% lighter, together with ceilings that are 27% lighter than those of our main competitors. In addition to the logistics and provisioning advantages, this represents very significant economic relief regarding our clients’ fleet weights which, in turn, reduces fuel costs.

Comparison chart of weights per square metre in Panelship products

  Panelship Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
   Panelship  Panelship  Panelship  Panelship
Panel Clip 25 13,00 kg +6% +23% +23%
Panel Clip 50 16,1 kg +17% +23% +24%
Panel Clip 100 22,1 kg +25% +25%
Ceil 40mm 14,8 kg +4% +29% +27%

Panels with enhanced sound-proofing

The second quality that received large investment was in acoustics. We worked with TSI, one of the most prestigious engineering companies specialising in acoustics and vibration until we obtained sound-proofing levels that are unique to date. Our new panels have passed all the international official approval and certification standards. In fact, Panelship is the first manufacturer in the world to certify the sound-proofing of its own final work.

Panels with a more robust structural design

Innovation also reaches the installation process and the final installation structure, with a new, dove-tailed panel model that can be assembled faster and with greater strength. In addition to saving installation times, the bulkhead is much stronger.

Panelship is the first manufacturer in the world to certify the acoustic insulation of its modular systems