Quality assurance


The mission of PANELSHIP S.L. is the design, production, marketing and distribution of modular systems for the conditioning and fitting out of premises and interiors in the naval and civil works sectors.


In order to achieve this goal, the management will provide the resources and training required to ensure that all personnel are integrated into a work environment that inspires confidence and mutual respect, thus attaining job excellence. 

Here, at PANELSHIP, S.L., we believe that our main responsibilities are to our clients, the company and the environment.

Given that market demands and those of society in general are ever-increasing, the PANELSHIP, S.L. management has established and implemented a Comprehensive Quality Assurance and Environmental Management System based on the requirements of UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Assurance Management Systems. Requirements” and UNE EN ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management Systems, Requirements with guidelines on usage” in order to ensure the conformity of all our operations with our Quality Assurance and Environmental Management Policies.

Therefore, the main goal of the implemented Comprehensive Management System is to provide all PANELSHIP, S.L. clients with the guarantee that the company has all the required willingness and capability to satisfy their needs and exceed the terms of our agreements. 


  • To promptly and correctly supply our internal and external clients with information, product or service exactly as ordered.
  • To consider that client satisfaction, quality assurance, confidentiality and continued improvement processes are the keys towards successful business. Constituting a permanent challenge to professional quality assurance.
  • To create and maintain a work environment so that there is a high degree of communication between the employee and management in both directions.
  • To provide the personnel with standardised work methodologies for greater efficiency.
  • To guarantee the availability of the necessary means just at the right time.
  • To assist in the identification of training needs and facilitate their satisfaction.
  • To identify deficiencies in product or service, to control and reduce them in order to improve our competitiveness and image.
  • To maintain our work systems and procedures in accordance with the reference standards,
  • To measure the efficiency to meet the legitimate requirements and expectations of our internal and external clients.
  • To comply with all legal, contractual and all other corresponding requirements that apply to our activity as established by the various public administrations.
  • To protect the environment and our working surroundings.
  • To guide our activity towards the prevention of all types of contamination that could be caused by operations involved in our activity.
  • To review it for continued adaptation and encourage actions of participation, awareness, information and theoretical and practical training, in the understanding and dissemination of our quality assurance and environmental management policies within our organisation through constant internal and external communication, making our quality assurance and environmental management policies available to the public for their information via our Website.

Reviewed and approved by: General Manager