The cabin that
Henry Ford dreamt about

We are the first European plant with our own process engineering

The Industrial Revolution did not benefit the whole of society until the beginning of the twentieth century, when Henry Ford conceived large-scale production along assembly lines with workers and machines having highly specialised and thought-out functions. The engineers did not only think about producing a good product but also about how to do it quickly and without errors

his enterprising initiative, which demanded large prior investments and innovation, ends up resulting in a :

  • Very high productivity per operator
  • Drastic reduction of product costs
  • Standardisation of processes

Today, the car industry continues to be the sector with the most efficient, automated complex production processes in the world. The Panelship factory in Spain is the first in Europe to adopt its own process engineering with vehicle construction and to create a sophisticated assembly line with PLCs and specialised personnel that are able to produce 1,000 square metres of panels per day. Faster, quality and error elimination standardisation and lastly, cheaper for the customers.

Productivity per employee

Results of investing in process engineering and PLCs. Productivity per employee in relation to the three main Panelship competitors. Data in square metres produced per day.

Employee competencies 2 and 3

Employee competencies 2 and 3

Employee competence 1

competence 1

Panelship employee

Panelship employee

The Panelship plant is the most productive and efficient in Europe

The company’s industrial complex in Galicia (Spain), with fourty employees, is specialised in the production of modular elements for naval fitting out: panels, ceilings and doors etc. Around the main line, the filial companies of the Panelship Group complement the market requirements with small factories dedicated to industrial furniture, metal, wood and large professional kitchens, tailor-made for restaurants, hotels and big companies.

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit volup.

Panelship is the first naval fitting-out company that specialises exclusively in the large-scale manufacture of a standardised product officially-approved internationally by the principal certification bodies. The production is sold directly to installation companies all over the world that operate in shipyards. To date, the installation companies were manufacturing their own modular elements, such as panels, roofs and doors etc, in an almost non-industrial manner, with very high costs.

The Panelship production plant has revolutionised the international fitting-out market since it became the main supplier for installation companies throughout the world, which then obtain products at better prices and higher quality that those produced by self-consumers that have much higher production costs in the medium and long terms.

Panelship does not install its own products because it does not wish to compete with its clients. This enterprising character has enabled Panelship to survive during the worst years of the industrial economic crisis, while increasing its market and production without having to resort to workforce reductions.

It accomplished this by changing over from an almost non-industrial production to a modern process engineering and scale manufacturing.