PanelShip Group

The Panelship group is the result of the fusion of several Spanish companies that specialise in the various fitting-out branches and in industrial furniture. The strategic and economic investment into the large-scale production of modular panels for the naval and offshore sectors has turned Panelship into the Group’s central axis.

Since 1990, several companies, which complement the activity, revolve around it and enable comprehensive services to be offered to clients around the globe.

With high market penetration throughout the Americas that is fully consolidated, the very high quality of our new modular products manufactured with cutting-edge processes have enabled us to initiate an international expansion plan that will cover all Europe over the coming years and establish a great commercial network to supply all the naval and offshore construction industry.
The Panelship Group Management maintains its continued investment strategy into innovation. The latest recorded advances have been related to the panel assembly systems, with advanced dovetail joint methods that surpass the coupling systems of other manufacturers in strength, safety and assembly speed.

Modular systems
for ground

Future projects include the manufacture of modular systems for land installations in order to revolutionise prefabricated housing.


With a continued 10% growth during the coming years, the Spanish company is committed to maintaining the same constant line of research, for the Panelship activity as well as the specific products of its filial companies.


Constant technology, equipment and contract interaction is maintained among all the Group companies and this allows us to access highly technologically complex or multidisciplinary demanding contracts because of the Group divisions that are specialised in industrial furniture, large professional kitchens or customised industrial design with specialised workshops in wood or stainless steel.

Habiplat logo

With its head office in Mexico, Habiplat carries out turnkey installation and engineering services on the American continent.

HM Commercial Importer

HM is the great American partner integrated into the Panelship Group. It represents the Sales and Logistics Division throughout the entire continent, where Panelship products are registering progressive growth in parallel to an increase of fleets in both North and South America.


Initially founded to manufacture tailor-made industrial furniture for clients on land, from large companies to private individuals, today Maderfri complements Panelship with its versatility in tackling customised, tailor-made projects. With its own design team, Maderfri has workshops for stainless steel and wood and is able to execute any type of fitting-out project that comes with the modular system contracts that Panelship markets, from tailor-made furniture to complete bathrooms etc. The Maderfri land division is well-known for its big, modern professional kitchens for hotels and restaurants.