Special panels

Reinforced panel

This panel makes use of a 1.2 mm thick steel plate as structural reinforcement, which makes this type of product the ideal solution for areas of large suspended weights, such as washbasins, toilets, Pullman beds and shelves etc.

Panel with conduit

A panel, specifically designed for passing hidden cables and tubes etc, without any exterior channels or extra drilling, in order to carry out all types of connections onsite in a simple, very quick manner, with panel adaptation for accurate insertion of edging for sockets and switches.

Wet panels

The wet panel has been designed as a complement for wet zones.

This panel incorporates a steel piece, the interior part of which permits it to be coupled to the rim tah delimits the wet zone, thus resulting in the panel being suspended to avoid any contact of the water with the insulation.

Compact panels

An innovation solution for interiors created to obtain exceptional results with respect to hygiene, cleanliness and design freedom. From medical centres and public buildings to transport terminals and small establishments that allow simple, quick assembly with a wide range of finishes.