Naval and offshore furniture

Wet units

The Panelship wet units are manufactured with the highest quality materials allowing a wide variety of surface finishes, adapting at all time to the final needs of the client.

Panelship equips these modules with the strictest quality controls, submitting these installations to tightness and electrical test with a wide range of surface finishes on their walls, ceilings and floors, to achieve a great thermal and acoustic isolation, thus achieving a unbeatable final finish.


Design, manufacture and installation of all types of bars, combining high-quality wood, AISI 304 /AISI 316 stainless steel and glass.

Manufacture and suplly of behind-the-bar and under-the-bar furniture.


All types of galleys furniture manufactured in  AISI 304 / AISI 316 stainless steel form part of product catalogue.

Modular galleys, neutral tables, work tables with bins, grooves, washbasins, high furniture, cupboards, extractor fans (central, wall-mounting, for the oven and self-cleaning, etc), wash tables and bottle racks etc.

Special galleys

A combination of stainless steel with other materials, such as Corian and Silestone, etc, adapting the form of these galleys according to the requirements demanded by the client. Galleys can be fitted with top-quality components, incorporating drawer units and shelving.


Manufactured in AISI 304 /316 stainless steel or wood that is adapted to the client´s needs, with multiple formats and high-quality finishes providing great versatility for gripping solutions for highly complex stairways.

Ships´ bridges

Manufacture of  AISI 304/AISI 316 stainless steel, aluminum or lacquered galvanised steel furniture for consoles inall types of RAL colours. These consoles may be manufactured according to the client´s requirements.


Supply of  AISI 304 /AISI 316 stainless steel panels for storerooms. Manufacture and supply of shelving with perforated shelves or height-adjustable slats according to the client´s needs, with the option to fit single or double spring balancers.


Design and manufacture of self-service units in AISI 304 /AISI 316 stainless steel combined with other materials, such as: Corian, Silestone and granite, etc.

Industrial divisions

Partitioning industrial buildings, modular houses, bungalows, offices, lumber rooms, boiler and machine rooms, executed with high acoustic insulation screems and excellent thermal insulation, which allow multiple surface finishes and dimensions, adapted to the client´s specific worksite structural design and requirements.

Naval equipment

Panelship provides you with the possibility to supply all types of naval equipment of the very best qualities and with excellent finishes, with these being a unique, fully customised design and always adapted to the client´s requirements.